This new look will be lockdown 4.0, know what changes will happen


Every day cases of corona virus are increasing in the country. There have been 90887 cases of Corona so far. The deadline for the third phase of the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of infection ends on Sunday. The fourth phase of lockdown is to begin from Monday. It is believed that its duration will last till May 31. Guidelines are expected to be issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs by this evening. According to the Modi government, this phase of lockdown will be completely different and more concessions than the three lockdowns till now.

While addressing the nation on this Tuesday, PM Modi has indicated this. However, in Lockdown 4.0, schools, colleges, malls and multiplexes will not be allowed to open. Salon may be allowed to be opened in some areas. With this, the delivery of non-essential goods can also be started.

How different Lockdown 4.0 will be

 There is a discussion about Lockdown 4.0 that domestic flights can resume after May 19. However, the flight will start on select routes only. However, flight services are currently being opposed by many states.

Auto rickshaws and cab aggregators can be allowed with conditions. They will be allowed to seat a maximum of 2 passengers. Only one person will be able to sit in auto and rickshaw.

Some special trains are being run in Lockdown 3.0, including labor specials, but in Lockdown-4 it is decided that at present, regular trains will not be run.

This lockdown restaurant, clothes shops can also be allowed to open with certain conditions.

In this lockdown, the government can give states the right to decide the zone. Containment zones may have more strictness

Small shopkeepers and traders have been asked to give discounts, so that the demand and supply chain can be resumed.

From 7 am to 7 am, there is no movement of common people on the streets.
The elderly, pregnant, any other disease above 65 years, children below 10 years cannot get out of the house.
School, mall, gym, sports, social, political, cultural gathering is closed. Hotels, restaurants are also not opening.
Non-essential government services include deputy secretary and 33 percent staff. In a private institution, 33 percent of the staff is allowed to come.
All types of stationary, stand-alone shops are opening. Liquor shops are also opening. IT hardware is providing essential services in e-commerce.
Public travel systems like metro, bus, rail, air, rickshaw, auto rickshaw services are currently closed.
Barber shops, spas and salons are allowed to be opened in Green and Orange zones except Red zone.
In the three zones except the container area, in the four-wheeler, in addition to the driver, two passengers, two-wheelers are also allowed to sit back.
At the same time, 50 people are allowed in marriage and 20 people are allowed to come in case of death.
Lockdown 2.0 (14 April to 3 May)
Bank branches and ATMs, IT vendors, banking correspondents and cash management agencies are working for banking operations.
It is allowed to go to other states and other districts on medical emergency and special approval.
Exemption of farmers and agricultural laborers to work related to agriculture.
Post office, LPG and petrol-diesel supplies released.
MNREGA works were allowed with social distance and face masks.
Emergency four-wheeler and two-wheeler discounts.
All IT services have been released.
All those hotels, guesthouses and lodges will remain open in which people are staying due to lockdown.

Lockdown (24 March 12 noon to 14 April)
Central government, its autonomous / subordinate offices and government companies were closed.
Offices of States / Union Territories, their autonomous institutions, companies were closed.
Police, home guards, civil defense, fire and emergency services, disaster management and jails remained open.
All commercial and private institutions were closed.
Market, school, college, gym, sports club, mall, cinema hall, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, park all closed.
Shops of food items, ration fruits, vegetables, dairy, milk, meat, fish and fodder etc. and government ration shops remained open.
Temples, mosques, churches and public places closed.
Print and electronic media services were operational.
Industrial institutions were closed.
Rail, Metro, Flight, Cab, Auto, Rickshaw, Buses all closed


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