US Iran War Clash Situation


The conditions of war have been created in America and Iran. The already deteriorating situation between the two countries has worsened after the Iranian Quds Force Chief Qasim Sulemani was killed in a US air strike near Baghdad Airport and the Third World War after frequent provocative statements from the heads of both countries The whole world is scared by apprehensions. The situation has worsened after the incident of two missiles being fired at the US military base in North Baghdad, Iraq late last night, on Friday, warning the US President Donald Trump that if anyone living in Iraq If any harm is caused to the American citizens and officials, then its culprits will not be left and the US will come to such a fate with Iran that the world He would not even imagine.

In a series of tweets Sunday, US President Donalt Trump said that Iran has gone stung after the assassination of Global Terrorist Kasim Sulemani and is attacking Iraq-based US bases, which is not correct. I advise Iran to stop attacking US bases, otherwise we will target 52 targets of Iran and attack it.

US President Trump said that America does not want any kind of crisis, but if someone thought of an attack on us or something like that, we would give an answer that Iran would not have even imagined. Trump said that the US has recently spent $ 2 trillion to increase its military capability and made such weapons, which are the best in the world and equally dangerous. If Iran attacked American citizens, we would send such a beautiful weapon to teach him a lesson that all his spirits would be defeated.

It is noteworthy that on Tuesday, extremists of some Iran-backed organizations attacked the US embassy in Iraq and targeted American citizens, after which the long-standing rivalry of the US and Iran was renewed. After this, on the American instructions, on Friday, Iranian army chief Qasim Sulemani was killed in an air strike in Iraq, after which US-Iran relations worsened. Major leaders of Iran threatened the US that they would give a befitting reply to the US. Then late Saturday night, missiles were fired at US military bases in Iraq’s North Baghdad area, in which Iran’s role was revealed. After this, one by one tweets by US President Donald Trump are proving that the world is in the third world war. Has come to the mouth where clouds of apprehension are seen all the time.


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