Varanasi: Priyanka met people arrested in anti-CAA protest


Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi (Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi,), on Friday, protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) for demonstrations against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and students of BHU and innocent child Champak Met several Congress workers including parents.

Guleria Kothi situated on the banks of the Ganges at Ramghat was selected to meet the agitators with Priyanka, but the plan changed at the last moment and they met everyone at Ramghat itself.

Earlier, Congress General Secretary Priyanka visited the Saint Shiromani Guru Ravidas Temple in Banaras. Here the temple priests presented him with a memento. On this occasion, Priyanka said that the important contribution of Sant Shiromani Ravidas Ji in social upliftment

Priyanka said in Ravidas temple,

“There was a desire to come here for a long time, which was fulfilled.”

During this, the temple manager Satish Kumar presented two magazines of the institution.

After the darshan at the Ravidas temple, the Congress General Secretary reached Sri Vidyamath by boat where she met and interacted with the detained people, BHU students, social workers and party officials during the anti-CAA protests.

During this period, Priyanka also met and encouraged NSUI’s candidates in the student union elections at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University.

Congress State President Ajay Singh Lallu fell into the water while boarding a boat at Bhainsasur Ghat to go to Panchganga Ghat. Security personnel and Congress workers nearby immediately handled them.

Earlier, a big accident happened due to the mistake of supporters gathered in Priyanka Gandhi.

Many supporters were also aboard the boat when Priyanka left for Guleria Kothi in a boat from Bhainsasur Ghat. When the boat started to become uncontrolled, the personnel deployed under Priyanka’s protection started to take down the supporters.


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