Vikas Dubey accused of killing 8 jawans of UP police arrested in front of Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain


Gangster Vikas Dubey, accused of killing 8 policemen of UP police, has finally been arrested, or rather Vikas Dubey himself has given arrest. This morning Vikas Dubey shouted in front of Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain and said that I am Vikas Dubey after which the local police and security forces present there arrested him.

Vikas Dubey has been taken into police custody and MP Police has also confirmed his arrest. Earlier there was news that Vikas Dubey wanted to surrender in a live show of a TV channel, on which the police was also cautious. Meanwhile, the police arrested Amar Bajpai, another associate of Vikas Dubey, and killed him in the mutt. It will seem a bit strange to read, but the UP police is saying that Prabhat Mishra was killed in a mutbhed after his arrest. Police say that he tried to run away and attacked the police party, after which he was killed by police firing in retaliatory firing.

The story told by the police about the encounter of Prabhat Mishra is such that when the police was arresting and bringing Prabhat, the car broke down on the way, Prabhat took advantage of it and snatched the pistol from the policeman and tried to escape. After this, he was killed in police firing. Doesn’t this raise questions on the police’s promptness? How a criminal takes away the police gun. The car is knocked apart. Earlier, news came that the UP police had also killed Amar Bajpai, another associate of Vikas Dubey, in an encounter.


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