When will Pakistan’s Imran Khan government bring back the trapped students in China


Pakistan’s Imran Khan government, which has been widely praised on international forums, is also not able to save its students trapped in China due to the corona virus spreading across the world. The latest example of this is the video on social media demanding the help of Pakistani students and their families protesting on the streets in Pakistan. Not only ordinary people, Islamabad High Court has also asked the Government of Pakistan to take back the children trapped in China. Despite all this, the PTI government of Pakistan is not ready to take any kind of steps to save the students of its country.

When the Islamabad High Court asked the Pakistan government to consider the decision to bring the stranded students back to the country, the government gave some strange arguments. The Imran Khan government said that out of 194 countries in the world, only 23 countries have recalled their citizens from China.

The High Court said on the response of the government that 23 countries can make arrangements to call back their citizens, so why not Pakistan. Along with this, during the hearing of a petition, the court also said that when the neighboring country Bangladesh can expel its citizens from China, then why Pakistan cannot bring its students.

Students’ families on the streets against the Imran Khan government in Pakistan

This kind of attitude of the Government of Pakistan towards its own countrymen is also creating anger among the people there. For the past several days, families and people of students trapped in big cities of Pakistan are protesting together and are appealing to call back their children. However, till now the Imran Khan government is not taking any action in this matter. Now how many days the students of Pakistan will be stuck in China, the government does not have the answer.


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