World towards third world war? Iran claims – Revenge of Kasim Sulemani’s death by killing 80 American soldiers in 15 missile attack in Iraq


The world stands at the mouth of the Third World War, when egoistic tendencies can go to any extent to register their names in history. Looking at the current situation of Iran and America, it seems that the biggest question on people’s tongue is that whether there can be a war between Iran and America, the answer will be found. On Tuesday, an attack on the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad by Iran-backed extremists and in response to the assassination of 8 people, including Iranian general Qasim Sulemani, in a US air strike outside the Baddad airport has deteriorated Iran and the US relationship so much that both Countries have become thirsty for each other’s blood.

Following the assassination of Qasim Sulemani on Friday, Iran fired 2 missiles at US military bases in Iraq, following which US President Donald Trump warned that if Iran acted against such provocation, the US attacked 52 of its bases Will do and the whole world will see the fate of Iran. Two days after this verbal war, late on Tuesday, Iran again fired missiles at US military bases in Iraq and claimed that 80 US terrorists were killed in this incident. It is important to mention here that while Iran calls the US military a terrorist, the US also calls the Iranian army a terrorist.

On Tuesday, denying the claim of the death of military personnel in the Iranian attack on American targets, Donald Trump said – All is well, that is, everything is fine. It is important to mention here that the tension between America and Iran is having a very bad effect on Middle East Asia as well as other countries. Where there is a huge jump in the prices of crude oil along with gold and silver.


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