Caution: Do not accidentally eat these two things immediately after eating okra, poison can be formed in the stomach


Health Care Tips: Many people love ladies ‘ vegetables very much. Okra is a green vegetable, so it is very beneficial for us from the point of view of health. Protein, carbohydrate, calcium, fat, fiber present in okra, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, copper are very beneficial for our body.

Doctors also recommend eating okra. However, sometimes due to our mistake, ladyfinger can become poison for us. Some precautions should be taken while eating a lady’s finger, otherwise, it can become poison for our health. After eating okra, if we eat these two vegetables, then it can be huge on our health.


Do not eat radish with lady’s vegetable or forget it immediately. If you eat radish in the form of salad along with okra, it can cause skin-related problems. Taking radish with ladyfinger removes stains on the face.

If you make this mistake again and again, it causes some such stains on your face and body, which do not go away even after much treatment. Eating radish with ladyfinger causes puffiness on the face. Do not consume radish at all while eating ladyfingers to keep the face clean and clean.

Bitter gourd

Apart from this, do not consume bitter gourd immediately after eating okra. If you eat bitter gourd after okra, it can become poison in your stomach. Doctors say that after Bhendi, bitter gourd creates such poison, which can sometimes result in the death of a human being. Therefore, do not eat bitter gourd juice or bitter gourd vegetables immediately after eating ladyfinger.


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